Cardiff Barry Dinas Powys

The ‘Weight Loss Challenge’ is open to anyone over 18 regardless of what weight loss method you wish to use to lose your weight.

Each participant pays a fee of £39 for the 12 week course.

Each class has around 25-30 participants with a small portion of the fees going towards the admin. costs – hall rental, photocopying, spot prizes etc – the rest goes into a prize fund for the 3 biggest losers (based on percentage body weight lost).

The prize fund varies according to the local running costs but, based on 30 participants, the prize fund is typically £300 for 1st place, £200 for 2nd place & £100 for 3rd place. We also give a prize to the biggest inches loser.

Each week the participants meet their weight loss coaches to record their body composition measurements including metabolic age and body fat%, to listen to a talk on 1 of 12 educational topics on diet & nutrition.

Each participant also gets a free 1:1 consultation at the start of the ‘challenge’ as well as weekly follow up coaching and advice from their personal coach between classes.

Huge support, motivation and education is provided within the class environment helping participants to not only lose weight, but also empowering them to keep it off for good.

Cardiff CF3, CF5, CF10, CF11, CF14, CF15, CF23, CF24  
Llantwit Major CF61  
Barry CF62, CF63  
, Penarth
Cowbridge CF71  

Weight Loss Challenges in South Glamorgan – Cardiff Barry, Penarth, Dinas Powys

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